"I would like you and Mr. and Mrs. C. to be aware of how the renovation of 4312 Kolb Ave. took place. Specifically, I want you to know that Stan Rehn, was the primary person responsible for the renovation of the property. During the renovation process, I found Stan to be not only a skilled craftsman, but also meticulous in his work. Every detail was addressed to deliver a quality product. I was amazed at the extra steps Stan took to perfect his work. There is no question, that when this project was completed, either of us would feel comfortable if our families were to move into this house."

-Mike L
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November 2010
"I would recommend and use Stan again."

David A.
Stevensville, MD
Many factors contribute to a window's performance from low maintenance longevity to solid wood construction and UV protection. New windows help to shield your home and furnishings from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Some of today's windows are made with natural wood that creates a combination of beauty and durability. New windows insulate as good or better than the walls around them. As an added plus, new windows can increase the value of your property.
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