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I have been in construction since 1979. I began as a carpenter’s helper, and progressed to being a lead carpenter. I learned to build and decorate houses of all types, apartments and even churches. During this time, I had the privilege of expert training in carpentry, roofing, siding, windows and painting. I also had commercial jobs painting a variety of office buildings.
I got my Maryland home improvement license in 1989. My home improvement license number, MHIC 37142, indicates when I was licensed, (the lower the number, the older the license).
We have worked extensively in the Washington - Baltimore - Annapolis area, and have always had extremely satisfied customers. My clientele of customers who recommend me to others has often made advertising unnecessary!
We work to your satisfaction. Feel free to ask for references. My background of experience has been important in preparing me to open my own painting company.
Customer Feedback
November 2009
"Very Professional, made sure I was pleased with everything they did."

Arlene B.
Laurel, MD
July 2009
"Stan's been great we have used him several times. Stan's reasonable and does a great job. "

Jim D.
Annapolis, MD
June 2010
"The painters were clean, on time and finished the job on time. They gave a good estimate and were interested in filling all of our requests."

Ron A.
Odenton, MD

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May 2011
"Stan & his crew were reliable, did an excellent job, and did an excellent job with cleanup . I would definitely hire them again."

Tracys Landing, MD